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Past Events

Speak Up: Advocating for Yourself and Others at Work

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Do you want to level up your skills of allyship, boundary-setting, and finding your voice? At this event, we’re talking about standing up for yourself and others in the workplace.

Whether it’s getting stuck with a crap assignment (again), interrupted in a meeting, or witnessing bullying, it can be super frustrating to speak up. Especially if you feel like you have no power.

Join us as we hear from three professionals with deep experience in advocacy and action in the workplace. They’ve got tips and tricks for how they’ve learned to speak up for what they believe in. Together, we’re going to take on the awkward and uncomfortable everyday situations and learn to call out the racist/sexist/homophobic bullsh*t we all experience.

They got you. We got you. You got you.


Erin is a builder of inclusive workplace cultures. While change doesn't always happen overnight, Erin has seen firsthand the power of intentional action driving positive impact at Stantec, where she leads the Global Talent Engagement team. Her work includes helping develop the first women focused employee resource group, advocating and sponsoring other female leaders, and supporting grassroots initiatives, including celebrating International Women's Day for the first time in the organizations history. Outside of her 9-5, Erin is also the co-founder of Works for Women and The Confidence Retreat, working to inspire individual action to drive change and help to build women's confidence.

Erin Davis

Nicole PLEASE PHOTO CREDIT Abdul Malik.j

Nicole is a latinx trans woman of colour (she/her), born in Ecuador and adopted. Over the past years, she has spent much of her time increasingly stepping into the world of advocacy. She's currently a co-organizer for Shades of Colour - a group for the QTIBPOC (Queer + Trans, Indigenous , Black, People of Colour) community in the city. In her free time she enjoys dancing, and shooting films for community. Her most recent film she co-created, "Why do you stay here?" explores the concept of intergenerational communities, and will be screened in Vancouver in June!

Photo Credit: Abdul Malik

Nicole Jones-Abad

Have you ever heard that the average person will change careers 5-7 times in their lives? Tamara is proof of this. Always looking for challenge and the opportunity to push boundaries, Tamara’s background includes running board meetings in Nunavut, gender audits is Sri Lanka and welding rigs in rural Alberta (almost A to Z). Over the past two years, Tamara has focused exclusively on Respect, Harassment and Discrimination in the workplace as the City of Edmonton's dedicated resource for all things related. Well, almost exclusively. Tamara is also working toward gaining certification as a qualified mediator. Communication, Tamara's first career, is still the foundation of everything they do. How do we work through conflict, relate, be present and move forward in an informed and authentic way? I'd love to chat about it all with you!

Tamara Fleming 

Starting a Job

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

New jobs can be incredible starts to meaningful careers. They can also suck. They come with a long list of challenges, unspoken expectations, and sometimes, a ton of ambiguity. Fortunately, even the people we consider to be successful and established have been through similar situations. At our April event, we’ll learn from our panelists’ experiences with uncertainty, boundary-setting and h asking the right questions at the start of a job. Each of them hold unique perspectives at the outset of their careers and are excited to share what they’ve learned so far.  


We’re partnering with Roundhouse and the MacEwan School of Business to bring together women who are eager to share their frank advice that’s 100% practical, 0% platitude.

What I Wish I Knew is an Edmonton-based non-profit that offers very, VERY practical advice for young female professionals. Whether it's navigating sexism in the workplace, or just simple get-'er-done advice, we've got you.


Mallory Yawnghwe is Cree from the Saddle Lake Cree Nation in North Eastern Alberta. Beginning her career with Alberta Emergency management Agency (AEMA), Municipal Affairs, in 2017 Mallory supported the Recovery initiatives team as an intern with federal audit preparation for the 2013 Southern Alberta Floods and the 2016 Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Wildfires. During her time with AEMA, Mallory worked toward completing her final year of the Bachelor of Commerce program at MacEwan University, graduating in June 2018. Majoring in Supply Chain Management, Mallory chose to focus her career in public procurement and currently works as a Project Procurement Specialist with Alberta Infrastructure.

Mallory Yawnghwe


Meghana Valupadas is a Civil Engineer, who graduated this year from the University of Alberta. She is also the Vice-Chair of the Women's Advocacy Voice Committee of Edmonton, and the Co-Creator of Diversity in Engineering, an organization that supports traditionally underrepresented groups in Engineering at the University of Alberta. Meghana is also a mentor with the University of Alberta Engineering FEM program, which encourages and guides female high school students who are entering into engineering.  She served for many years as a member of the City of Edmonton Youth Council and a mental health speaker with Jack.org. She was born and raised in Edmonton, and has always been passionate about encouraging dialogue, sparking change, and helping others to believe in themselves.

Meghana Valupadas

Lindsay is a positivity spreader, community builder and goal-getter. When she started her lululemon career selling stretchy pants four years ago, Lindsay set out after a goal – I successfully land a role working for the lululemon SSC (Vancouver head office). In the summer of 2018, this goal was officially crushed. She has taken on the role of  membership community specialist, working remotely for the SSC here in Edmonton to provide on-ground support for lululemon’s first ever paid membership program pilot, lululemon practice. Her day to day includes everything from connecting with some of our favorite local studios to project managing and delivering unforgettable events and experiences for our Edmonton members to fully live #thesweatlife.  


Her love for people, music and fitness show up in her side hustle – Lindsay has been a motivator at YEG Cycle Spin Studio for the past two years, teaching 50-minute spin classes four times a week. What’s her go-to track? You can never go wrong with a classic “You’re a Superstar by Love Inc.” or anything by Lady Gaga.


When she’s not hard at work, you’ll probably find her singing along at a musical theatre show, trying out the latest and greatest place to sweat in Edmonton or (even more likely) eating Blaze Pizza.

Lindsay Cox

Crushing Impostor Syndrome

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Impostor Syndrome: the feeling of doubt in your own accomplishments. The feeling of being a fraud who has only achieved what you have because of luck, and not because of skill.


Whether you’re new in a role or finding yourself lost in an office of “experts,” you’re definitely not alone. We all feel like "impostors" at some point in our careers, but you CAN rise to the challenge. We'll hear from a panel of women who have felt like "impostors" but have figured out how to manage those feelings of self-doubt. Crushing Impostor Syndrome isn’t easy. It takes time and experience. Our February event is the kick start you need to begin managing the negative self-talk.


We’re partnering with Canadian Western Bank to bring together women who are eager to share their frank advice that’s 100% practical, 0% platitude.


Panelists will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for updates!

Regular prices take effect on February 11 - $12 per ticket

Students can still access a discount for $5 tickets

What I Wish I Knew is an Edmonton-based non-profit that offers very, VERY practical advice for young female professionals. Whether it's navigating sexism in the workplace, or just simple get-'er-done advice, we've got you.


Ashlyn's began her career in sciences, earning a PhD in Laboratory Medicine before switching gears to business and entrepreneurship. She is currently Chief Operating Officer of SAMDesk, a technology company which utilizes artificial intelligence to detect emergency and disruptive events from crowdsourced data. She makes career decisions based on gut feel and tries to view her missteps as opportunities to learn. She has no 5 year plan.

Chief Operating Officer of SAMDesk

Ashlyn Bernier


Felicia Mutheardy is a Senior Economist with the City of Edmonton. She holds both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree in Economics from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.  

After several years of working as an economist, she has finally figured out how to explain what it is that she does. Aside from worrying about economic risks and vulnerabilities, she analyses data, observes trends, and then tries to use her analysis and findings to either explain how things have come to be or to tell a story, building up to what she thinks will happen for the economy.

Throughout her career thus far, Felicia has had to figure out how to build her confidence. Enough confidence to stand in front of 400 people to tell a story on current economic conditions and to make sure she is credible when sharing what she thinks will happen next. She is all too familiar with “Impostor Syndrome”, especially in the moments right before stepping up to a podium to present.

Senior Economist at City of Edmonton

Felicia Mutheardy

Kate Lister has spent her nearly 20 year career as a communications professional honing her skills, advocating for the function, building great teams, and learning from great leaders. She has spent her career in a number of diverse fields, from health care, to energy and now banking. Kate is the Assistant Vice President of Corporate Communications at CWB Financial Group. She leads the teams responsible for internal communications and creative services, providing communications and employee experience strategy to the organization.

Kate is also highly engaged in inclusion and diversity, corporate culture and engagement work at CWB. She is a member of CWB Women, a grassroots organization to connect and support women moving into leadership and served in leadership roles on the board of the Edmonton chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators.


On top of an already very busy career, Kate is a mother of three children under the age of 10 and enjoys reading, cooking and travelling with her family.

AVP Corporate Communications at Canadian Western Bank

Kate Lister

The Side Hustle:
Level up your Career

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Whether you’re a working professional or a student, building a career can seem overwhelming, especially when it means activities on top of that 9-5 working gig. The next What I Wish event will help up us navigate the ins and out of leveling up our career through personal development, volunteering and various side hustles. Let’s start building our careers - strategically and effectively!


We’re partnering with Canadian Western Bank to bring together women who are eager to share their frank advice that’s 100% practical, 0% platitude. We are looking forward to hearing their advice on how to advance your career and learn what worked (and didn’t work!) for them.

Jenna Marynowski 


Jenna Marynowski is a creator, motivator, and writer. Having worked in marketing for the past decade, Jenna recently started working in commercial banking as a Management Associate with Canadian Western Bank. In addition to her paid work, Jenna is part of the steering committee of CWB Women (a grassroots organization dedicated to empowering and supporting women in their careers at Canadian Western Bank), the woman behind the Edmonton theatre blog After the House Lights, as well as a serial volunteer, mentor, and most-recently a DIY renovator. Check out her website atafterthehouselights.com or say hi on social media @jennamarynowski.

Valeeshia Young


Valeeshia Young was embraced by the Edmonton music scene during a time she sought solace and positive connection. Luckily, she found that and more by hanging out at the ARTery (now The Aviary). It was a favourite way for her to discover new music and meet people around the city who ultimately inspired her to give back to the scene that made her feel welcome.

As community is a very important component to Valeeshia's work, she is committed to serving artists who create with purpose and are comfortable with the mechanics of their career. Have an extensive background in administration plays a major role in her efficiency, but in now way diminishes her passion and warmth while working with a client. She'll definitely be stamping envelopes with a smile! Her earnest dedication in assisting musicians and bands builds a solid foundation for the community as a whole, recognizing we're all in this together!

Megan Bertagnolli

Program Development Lead, Communication & Design, Faculty of Extension


Megan is no stranger to the side hustle, active in Edmonton’s growing visual arts community. Prior to her role as Program Development Lead at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension, she spent nearly 10 years working at the Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA), initially in a part-time capacity while she was completing her Masters in the History of Art, Design & Visual Culture at the University of Alberta. Following graduation, she took on a full time role as Interpretive Programs Coordinator in the Curatorial Department, before moving over to Sponsorship to ultimately become the Head of Sponsor and Donor Engagement (Development). In this most recent capacity, she lead the Gallery’s self-generated fund development activities at the AGA from corporate sponsorship to individual giving, and high-profile events.


Simultaneously, Megan was teaching post-secondary Art History courses to undergraduates and continuing education students at no fewer than three institutions a year, serving as a board member of the Artist Run Centre SNAP (Society of Northern Alberta Printmakers) - currently as the Board President, and organizing international art and travel tours among other side projects.


Her current role as Program Development Lead is new as of the beginning of November, and comes as the culmination of both time spent at the AGA and of these extra-curricular endeavours.

The Art of “Ge-Shi-Do”
(or how to get sh*t done )

Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 6:00 PM

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or balancing gigs and life, the to-do list is long. This next What I Wish event is for those of us who:


  • Don’t know how to say ‘no’

  • Struggle to prioritize

  • Feel overwhelmed

  • Suspect that multitasking is a lie created by the patriarchy


We have a stellar line-up of panelists who are eager to give you frank advice that’s 100% practical, 0% platitude.

Presenting sponsor: Mawji Centre for Entrepreneurship at NAIT 

Design sponsor: Avenir Creative


What I Wish I Knew is an Edmonton-based non-profit that offers very, VERY practical advice for young female professionals. Whether it's navigating traditional or sexist workplaces, or just simple get-'er-done advice, we've got you.

Location: Dow Theatre, Nait Campus

                 11762 - 106 Street NW

Tiffany Linke-Boyko

CEO, Start-up Edmonton

Chief Executive Officer for Startup Edmonton, Tiffany leads and delivers a range of programs and events such as DemoCamp, Edmonton Startup Week, and the Preflight workshop series. Startup Edmonton supports early-stage companies through mentorship and programs, access to talent and capital, and fosters a thriving community in its 14,000 square foot coworking space that serves as the home for the city's innovation and technology meetups. Currently, they are working with more than 800 members and 90 companies through a variety of support streams. Since 2009, Startup Edmonton has brought together entrepreneurs, developers, students, founders, and investors to transform ideas into some of Canada’s most exciting and successful startup and scaling companies.

In addition to her work at Startup Edmonton, Tiffany currently serves on the Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) Advisory Board, a network of 26 regional innovation hubs across Canada, all focused on supporting Canada’s digital entrepreneurs; and on the Board of Directors for the Adera, a centre of excellence in addiction and recovery that provides hope and health to women in crisis through a long-term, holistic residential recovery program.

For her many contributions to the betterment of business and community, Tiffany was named Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 under 40 in November 2014. NAIT recognized Tiffany’s contributions with the 2015 Spirit of NAIT Award.

Christel Kjenner

Director of Housing, City of Edmonton

Christel Kjenner has over ten years of experience working in the public sector, including roles on both the administrative and political sides of government. Christel began her career at the University of Alberta’s Department of Facilities and Operations, where she developed and implemented strategies for greening the University’s operations. Next she moved to the City of Edmonton, where she worked as Strategic Coordinator in the Real Estate, Housing and Economic Sustainability Branch.


Christel left the City in 2015 to serve as Chief of Staff to Stephen Mandel, during his time as Health Minister. Following that she worked independently as a consultant before joining Berlin Communications as a Senior Consultant, where she led public policy, research, public affairs and strategic communication projects. Christel returned to the City in 2017 to take on the role of Director, Issues Management and Strategic Projects in the Office of the City Manager. Earlier this year, she moved into her current role of  Director, Housing and Homelessness where she works to end poverty and homelessness by increasing the supply of affordable housing in our City.


Outside of work, Christel serves as the Chair of the Boyle McCauley Health Centre, which provides medical care for people who face multiple barriers to accessing mainstream health services. She also has a fourteen-month old daughter with her spouse, Josh.

Olivia Weaver Pilip

Owner, Boutique Collective

Born a bossy chatter box, Olivia has channelled that energy into a career centered around people and ideas. From Toronto, to Vancouver to Edmonton, she experienced a plethora of event marketing opportunities that eventually led her to the role of Director of Marketing at Edmonton power house Go Auto. Leaving the secure corporate world was a leap, but one she got passionate about. In 2012 she started her own corporate event planning company, Boutique Events and found rapid success. Even with this success, Olivia felt the constant push to expand her client events, seeing them as a chance to extend the brand’s reach. The evolution of Boutique Collective — a team of award winning marketing professionals, all with their own area of expertise — was a natural progression when she found, more often than not, clients needed help from many of her expert contacts beyond the set up of catering and decor.  Outside of the office she is a busy single mom to two energetic young boys, and spends as much tie as possible outdoors, hiking in summer, skiing in winter. A strong desire to give back to the community has also led to various board and volunteer roles over the years.

Amie Chaotakoongite

Co-owner, Avenir Creative

Amie is the co-owner of Avenir Creative, a graphic design firm that helps clients communicate the complexities of their business through visual design. She started Avenir Creative because she believes Edmonton is a nourishing community for entrepreneurs, and she wanted to find a way to work directly with local businesses that contribute to the diversity and resiliency of our community. With an engineering and graphic design background, Amie bridges the gap between creativity and strategy, turning technical information into meaningful visuals. Outside of the office she volunteers as an executive member of MentorUp and volunteers design time to CAAWLS. When she is not hard at work, you can find her road biking, hiking, trying the newest local restaurant in town or skipping the country, backpack in tow.

Championing Diversity and Challenging Unconscious Bias

Thursday, April 19, 2018

We’ve all been there. That awkward moment when a coworker makes a racist joke. Or when you see others judging your friend with the headscarf. Or your team laughs off a co-worker because they couldn't understand the content underneath a heavy accent. Ugh. Maybe you freeze. Maybe you've perfected a snarky comeback. Or maybe, just maybe, you don’t say anything because you don’t want to rock the boat.


Many organizations are seeking ways to promote equality at all levels, including senior leadership. As with any change, this transition to equity has occurred (really) slowly. And frankly, so too have our attitudes and behaviours. At this event, we will explore how we can better understand the challenges due to unconscious bias (whether they are subtle or unintended) and discuss its impact on professionals including women of diverse backgrounds.


This What I Wish I Knew x WISER event addresses how we support professional minority women in the workplace. Yes, diversity and inclusion policies are critical, but it’s just as important that we stand up for each other in those small, awkward moments. So if you’re tired of the ebonics, fist-pumps or comments on your gal pal’s hijab, then we hope you’ll join us as we walk through the practical, everyday advice on how to be an ally at  work.

This event is a proud partnership with WISER: Women in Science, Engineering and Research.

Anna-Maria LeMaistre

Diversity and Inclusion Advisory, Enbridge

Anna-Maria is dedicated to helping workplaces build a culture that values diversity. She worked at the Canadian Human Rights Commission for five years, where part of her responsibilities included providing training and guidance to employers around domestic human rights responsibilities, such as the duty to accommodate and anti-harassment.

Anna-Maria is now a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory at Enbridge, one of Canada’s Top Diversity Employers for the past five consecutive years. Her current areas of responsibility revolve largely around policy review and development, employment equity and data analysis, promotion of inclusion initiatives, and employment of underrepresented groups.

Anna-Maria is one of the founding members of the PanDisability Connection, and recently served for two years as a member of the Accessibility Advisory Committee for the City of Edmonton, including chairing the Policy Review Subcommittee.

Evelyn Asiedu

Following a 16 month internship at the National Laboratory of Environmental Testing (Environment Canada, Burlington, ON), Evelyn Asiedu graduated with an Honors Specialization in Chemistry from the University of Western Ontario. During that time she also elected to the positions of political affairs officer and president of the Black Students’ Association (student group) at Western. Since moving to Alberta in 2013, Evelyn served as a community sustainability volunteer for SustainSU at the University of Alberta for two years before becoming an executive member of WiSER (Women in Science Engineering and Research, Edmonton Chapter). In this position, she was a lead organizer of the 2017 Alberta Women’s Science Network Event and is currently completing her role as a lead organizer for the 2017-2018 WiSER/UA-WiSE Mentorship Program.


Evelyn continues to contribute to the Edmonton community in her new role as an organization administrator and event planner for the non-profit What I Wish I Knew.


Evelyn is currently a PhD candidate in the field of Analytical Environmental Toxicology. Her project focuses on monitoring persistence of dissolved organic chemicals in oil sands process-affected water.

Rebecca Smillie

Community Investment Strategy

With 7 years of non-profit, and community investment experience, Rebecca has built a career on a passion for impact. Rebecca was Founder of Purpose Collective, a boutique community investment consulting firm that worked to help companies define their purpose in order to drive business growth and impact. As a graduate of Macewan University’s Bachelor of Commerce program, Rebecca worked to make the most of her post-secondary experience by representing Macewan in a variety of different opportunities. This included participating in case competitions across North America and the study of innovation at the European Innovation Academy where she learnt under the guidance of venture capitalists and experts from Google and Amadeus.

For Rebecca, inclusion and diversity means engaging in dialogue with fellow young people on practical progress in workplace. While Rebecca believes in the importance of awareness, she believes the time is now for knowledge sharing and leadership.

Dr. Ania C. Ulrich

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Associate Dean (Outreach), University of Alberta

Dr. A.C. Ulrich, Ph.D., P.Eng. has worked on developing non-invasive biological remediation techniques for contaminated soil and groundwater.  Dr. Ulrich’s work has dealt with contaminated sites in the United States, Ontario, and Alberta, such as the 2005 Lake Wabamun CN derailment, Alberta’s oil sands and their water management practices and Indigenous communities and their relationship to water.  Dr. Ulrich’s outreach work focuses on improving student access to and success in the engineering program at the University of Alberta. Dr. Ulrich’s passion for the environment also has a strong familial tie which began with her great grandfather Henry Stelfox (awarded the Julian Crandall Trophy – Canada’s most outstanding conservation award in 1954 and the subsequent naming of Mount Stelfox in his honor), her father Harry Stelfox (initiated the Watchable Wildlife Program – an example is the nature signs in the Whitemud Creek Ravine) and her cousin Brad Stelfox who some refer to as Alberta’s David Suzuki for his work as a Landscape Ecologist.  She hopes to pass on her passion for the environment to her two boys.

Betting on yourself:
Setting the Stage for

Monday, March 12, 2018

Doors: 5:30 pm

Panel: 6:00-8:00 pm

Location: NAIT CAT Building CAT 110, 10304-10524 117A Avenue NW 

How do I know if I am ready for entrepreneurship? Do I have the skills I need to succeed? Do I even know what skills I need? Taking the leap into self-employment can be overwhelming, daunting, and confusing, but we got you.

At this What I Wish I Knew, we’re talking about starting your own business. Maybe you’re just about to graduate, or perhaps you’ve done a stint in a company and know you want your own. On March 12, 2018 we’re bringing in savvy business owners to answer these questions and share their business journeys—from concept to planning to action. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of self-employment and if this path is for you.

Shannon Neighbour

Partner, Svensen Neighbour Recruiting

Shannon Neighbour is an experienced recruiter, having over 6 years of experience in recruitment (being the owner of Shannon Neighbour Recruiting prior to partnering with Chantelle to form Svensen Neighbour Recruiting), and before that, over 10 years in professional business-to-business sales and sales management in the media industry as an Account Executive and a General Sales Manager.


Shannon has presented on HR Trends at the South Edmonton Business Association, was the keynote presenter for NAIT’s Lifelong Learning - Building Your Online Brand through LinkedIn event, and has provided outplacement services to industry including workshops and one-on-one advisement.  Shannon has presented on Hiring for the Right Fit – Moving from a Solopreneur to Employer at the ATB Entrepreneur Centre, on Effective Interview Techniques for Employer and Candidate at NAIT, and Recruitment and Retention practices in Non-Profit Organizations at the Association of Fundraising Professional’s (AFP) AGM.


Shannon sits on the Edmonton Business Association board of directors as Past President, is the Chair of the NAIT Alumni Association Advisory Committee, was the Campaign Manager for Michael Walters’ Ward 10 Re-Election Campaign in the 2017 municipal election and volunteers in the community she lives in helping to raise money to build a playground. She is passionate about people and their stories, women’s advocacy and giving back.

Brandy Burdeniuk

Brandy Burdeniuk is a sales executive, industrial designer, entrepreneur, active citizen, and troublemaker. She has worked with leading businesses, investors, developers, institutions, and governments to excite them about living, working, and thriving in healthy and sustainable buildings. Knowing that business could be done a better way, in 2006 she co-founded EcoAmmo, an Edmonton based project management firm focused on high performance buildings, incorporating pragmatic social, environmental, and economic sustainability into every project.

In 2017 she ran for City Council of Edmonton's Ward 11, and finished in the top three in her ward with a platform rooted in triple bottom line principals to build a better city. Always on the leading edge, Brandy is now part of an exciting company called View Dynamic Glass, situated at the intersection of human wellness, the internet of things, and high performance buildings. www.viewglass.com. Brandy is an engaging and entertaining speaker and is known for her ability to communicate challenging topics in a way that breaks down barriers sustainability and gets people excited for change.

Elizabeth Hanlis

Elizabeth Hanlis has more than 20 years of experience in the field of education, training, e-learning, and change management.

Her formal education includes a Bachelors degree in Education and a Masters in Instructional Technology.

Ms. Hanlis’ career started by teaching English as a Second Language oversees. It was at that time that she was introduced to the use of technology for second language learning, so she returned to Canada and completed her Masters.


Over the last 18 years, Ms. Hanlis’ career has focused more on the use of technology for learning purposes. She started her work in the private sector developing customized e-learning courses primarily for oil and gas companies and health education.


Ms. Hanlis then moved to the public sector. As an e-learning specialist at the University of Alberta for almost 6 years, Ms. Hanlis developed expertise in faculty development, online learning, and blended learning. She also worked for the University of Alberta International office, where she developed innovative learning and technology programs in a variety of international contexts, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Uganda, Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan, and the United States.


10 years ago Ms. Hanlis started her own company eHanlis Inc. and continues to work with a variety of clients assessing an organization’s learning needs, and designing and developing innovative ways for teaching and learning that incorporate technology. Her clients include: post secondary institutions, associations, government, and private sector.

Elizabeth Hanlis is the author of 10 publications, has presented at 23 conferences, has delivered over 71 workshops to professionals, and completed over 100 e-learning projects.

Colleen Nuc

Colleen Nuc is the principal and founder of Hoopla Media, a boutique video production company located in the heart of Edmonton’s trendy car mechanic district. She oversees and manages the final product for everything that comes out of Hoopla’s doors.


Hoopla Media has produced more than 150 corporate, nonprofit, government, and advertising videos for clients including the City of Edmonton, Canadian Western Bank, DDB, The Alberta Emerald Foundation, and Boyle Street Service Community Services to name a few.


Hoopla Media won the 2016 Award of Distinction for Video Production from the Advertising Club of Edmonton and received a nomination for Best Video in the Not-for-Profit category at the 2016 AMPIA (Alberta Media Production Industries) Awards.


Colleen was born and raised in Edmonton and has more than 10 years of Video Production experience.

Presented by the NAIT’s Mawji Centre for New Venture and Student Entrepreneurship.

Like a Boss:
Convos, Conflicts +

Monday, November 27, 2017

Doors: 5:30 pm

Panel: 6:00-8:00 pm

Location: CKUA Building, 9808 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 0C5

Canadian Western Bank and What I Wish I Knew are thrilled to present: Like a Boss: Convos, Conflict and Co-workers.

Whether it’s an irritating co-worker, a disagreement with your supervisor, or challenges with a male colleague—whatever the case may be—we’re bound to come across difficult conversations. To help you navigate these tricky scenarios, we've brought together women we admire to give the very practical advice for conflict resolution in the workplace. They're bringing their tips to help make those super awkward convos, well, not so awkward!

It's your chance to ask questions hear real stories, ask questions, then join the conversation. Oh, and did we mention coffee and treats?

We hope to see you there!

Olga Messinis

Infastructure Specialist, City of Edmonton

Olga Messinis is an Infrastructure Specialist with the City of Edmonton, supporting our vibrant main streets. Over the last 13 years, her career with the city has evolved from Neighborhood Renewal to Downtown Traffic Operations. Olga is passionate about vibrant, inclusive, accessible and equitable cities. 

In October 2016 she took on the role of Project Manager for the rapid implementation of 7.8km of protected bike lane within Edmonton’s evolving downtown core to deliver the downtown bike network in under 9 months.


When Olga is not debating the merits of a multi-modal transportation network she can often be found curating Instagram stories of her dogs and unsuspecting partner.

Sandra Mannella

Assistant Vice President, Canadian Western Bank

Sandra Mannella is an Assistant Vice President of Retail Banking at Canadian Western Bank (CWB), a business bank headquartered in Edmonton. Sandra is responsible for managing and growing the retail banking business at our flagship branch, Edmonton Main. She is focused on encouraging and supporting the personal development of her team and helping clients to achieve their financial goals.

Sandra started her career with CWB as a practicum student while completing NAIT’S Business and Banking certificate. She’s also earned her Mutual Fund and Branch Compliance licenses, and has held progressive positions with the company in sales and service, loan administration and account management.

When it comes to conflict, Sandra knows there is always a solution. She’s learned that taking a minute to step back and think about the situation from various perspectives is important, and that listening intently goes a long way.

Shani Gwin

Owner, Gwin Communications

Shani Gwin is a Métis woman passionate about elevating Indigenous voices across Canada. Shani provides public relations support to several communities and organizations to change the conversation on Indigenous narratives in the media and general public.


Shani is passionate about supporting her community. She is the Edmonton representative of the Indigneous Place Making Council of Canada. The council is working to restore Indigenous presence in cities and towns across the nation, while creating opportunities for Indigenous youth to help shape our future. Shani also volunteers as a media relations specialist for Ambrose Place, sharing the stories coming from one of Canada's most successful social housing projects for Indigenous persons. Shani Gwin sits on the board for the Right at Home Housing Society. The Society provided affordable housing solutions to meet the diverse needs of individuals and families throughout Edmonton.


When Shani isn't working or volunteering, she's likely trying to figure out how to make slime with her daughter, Quinn.

Kimberly Stodola

HR Professional & Artist

As a dedicated and creative professional, Kimberly envisioned her role to support others to reach their goals. In accomplishing her career goal, Kimberly built a strong foundation through education, attaining a Bachelor of Management Degree. Kim challenged and earned a Certified Human Resource Professional Designation as well as a certificate in Dispute Resolution.


Kimberly has 17 years of progressive human resources experience in the areas of Public Health, Private Corporations, Provincial and Municipal governments and Adult Education. While Kimberly is an effective partner within an organization she is also known for her ability to build and maintain loyal, trusted working relationships.


With life long learning one of her values, Kimberly has recently completed a self-employment program. In her free time, she is passionate about creating and painting colourful and unique vistas of landscapes and exploring with different mediums. She gets grounded in the nature of things.

Presented by the Canadian Western Bank.
Marketing support by Catapult Marketing.

How to Actually Create Success 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Doors: 5:30 pm

Panel: 6:00-8:00 pm

Location: 10111-104 Ave, 3rd Floor (Edmonton Tower)

Lean in to get what you want! Create your own opportunities!

Riiiiiight. About that... it's all great in theory, but what are the actual steps to finding opportunities and creating success? Heck, what does an opportunity even look like?

Perhaps you have your general sciences or humanities degree (s/o sociologists!). Or maybe you've landed a job in customer service, account coordination or at a lab. Either way, we've been there, and we get that building a career is intimidating and confusing.

This event for young female professionals who are sick of the jargon, and want some tangible guidelines for how to make the next (or first) career move.

Susie Sykes 

Owner, Catapult Marketing

Susie has always been passionate about communications. After completing a Bachelor in Radio and Television at Ryerson, she returned home to Edmonton to gain experience in radio, provincial politics and marketing management.

Susie founded Catapult Marketing in 2010, which has quickly grown into a thriving local business. Complementing her professionalism with a personal touch, Susie builds genuine relationships with her clients while providing high-level marketing services.

Whether it’s dressing in head-to-toe duct-tape for the Red Green Show or flying to Yellowknife with ice road truckers, Susie has no issue stepping out of her comfort zone to get the job done right.

Outside of Catapult, Susie considers herself a true geek, taking an interest in all-things space-related and politics. She also takes immense pride in her cute kids, and is a lover of bicycles, wine and delicious food.

Felicia Michie

Transformation Manager, City of Edmonton

Felicia has an undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Winnipeg and a Masters of Urban Planning from Dalhousie University.

Since 2007, she worked as an urban planner in the areas of affordable housing, industrial development, economic development and most recently public engagement. She's advised senior managers and City Councillors on how to manage emotion and outrage in controversial city-building projects and in 2015, Felicia was recognized as a City Manager's Award finalist for her public engagement work in communities across Edmonton.


Two years ago, Felicia decided on a career change and now works in organizational change management, advising and supporting the City's senior leadership. She is passionate about supporting marginalized communities and currently sits on the board of directors of HIV Edmonton.


When not at work, you'll find her at the barn, riding her horse Annie. 

Danielle Strang

Head of People, Jobber

Danielle Strang is a talent strategist, employee experience enthusiast and a disruptor at heart. She is an avid public speaker on topics including design thinking, diversity & inclusion and transformative career progression. As a senior HR leader - Danielle has spent her career forming the people strategy at large organizations and most recently at a high growth tech startup.


She is a city organizer for Tech Ladies - a community of over 15,000 members throughout North America, focusing on bridging the gender gap in the tech industry. She is also incredibly passionate about promoting Edmonton as a place to support a vibrant, dynamic career. 

Puneeta McBryan

Account Manager, ZGM

Puneeta Sandhu McBryan is an Account Manager at ZGM Modern Marketing Partners, Vice President of the Advertising Club of Edmonton, and (until October 16th!) Communications Manager for Don Iveson’s re-election campaign.

It’s her 10-year anniversary with Edmonton- she arrived from Grande Prairie in 2007 to attend the UofA School of Business, where she earned her Bachelor of Commerce in management and marketing and taught for 2 years as a seminar manager.


Puneeta has been a part of Edmonton's marketing and communications industry since graduating; her first role came through helping to launch a startup called Amplomedia in 2012, followed by 3 years with Incite Marketing, and she’s now been on the ZGM team for just over 1 (awesome) year.

Presented by the City of Edmonton.
Marketing support by Catapult Marketing.

Finding Your Voice

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

UPDATE: We are sold out for What I Wish I Knew! But, don't worry, we got you. We've set up a waiting list for this first event. Plus, you can sign up here to receive to be the first to know about upcoming WIWIK events. - Team WIWIK


For this event, we'll be focussing on STEM and male-dominated workplaces. We'll be giving tactical advice on how to:​

  • Fake it 'til you make it

  • Using your voice (literally: how to speak up, conducting meetings etc)

  • Navigate sexism

Kairi Pawlick


Kairi is a development engineer and is already an active mentor of other young professionals. As a senior associate at Stantec, she’s worked on diverse projects ranging from Habitat for Humanity builds — where she helped develop the roads and services for the sites — to the Hawks Ridge Development. Kairi volunteers with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta, where she engages with first-year engineering students; and is a mentor with Stantec’s emerging leader’s program. Kairi is also the co-chair of Edmonton's NextGen and the founding chair of the U of A Engineering Young Alumni Council.

Nida Farooqui

NorQuest College

Nida currently works at NorQuest College as a Communications Consultant, but she has extensive experience across all sectors including private, public and not-for-profit. She was awarded the Global Edmonton Women of Vision Award in 2011, and was the organizer for relief efforts for flood victims of Pakistan (2010). She was also nominated for CBC's Champion of Change.

Jodi Goebel

City of Edmonton


Jodi currently works for the City of Edmonton as the Director of Business Strategy and Operations in the City's Real Estate Branch - the only female member of her branch leadership team.

Since joining the City in 2013, Jodi has served in a variety of roles with a focus on economic development and corporate strategy. Prior to that Jodi worked overseas as a business development and marketing professional with a number of technology companies, and in rural Alberta as the executive director of a Regional Economic Development Alliance. Jodi is also an active volunteer who serves on various boards and committees, and who continues to share her passion for board governance as an instructor with the Province of Alberta's Board Development Program.