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Suddenly my boss asked for my opinion in front of everyone, and I froze. 


Oh man, we’ve been there. If only there were very practical tips and tricks to help navigate these early career moments.

Well, now there is. What I Wish I Knew offers practical workplace advice for young professionals. We're using our own experience, research, and years in the trenches to help lift you up. 

Research points to an ongoing trend that men are more likely to benefit from coaching and advice than women are, even for issues that are common to both. Overwhelmingly, the evidence says that mentors seek out younger versions of themselves, and so it's still common for capable young women to find themselves advancing less quickly because they are battling even the smallest issues without a guide.

We want to help build that roadmap in a world that is quickly evolving, highly ambiguous, but still rooted in traditional approaches to work. We're nothing if not ambitious ;)

Our Founders

Jodi Goebel
Lesley Vaage
(rhymes with "yogi")

Jodi and Lesley have been nerding out over career development, peer mentorship and smashing the glass ceiling since 2014. The image below, caught by an intrepid photojournalist (s/o Edmonton Journal!), was literally our first friendship meeting. Yes, we have friendship meetings, because that's how seriously we take friendship. 

We are so thrilled at the interest in this project and can't wait to share future plans with you all!

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